A few of the questions answered that you may have pop into your head.

Surely it is more expensive to have a mechanic come to my home/work?

Surprisingly not, as we have lower overheads we can usually give you a better price than even your local garage. Call or email for a quote


Do you just do breakdowns?

No, we do general repairs and servicing as well as the larger jobs like new clutch etc


Do you have a set rate for a service?

We are able to offer various fixed price services, please see our Prices page. However, we would recommend having a tailored service for your vehicle based on your registration and using specific parts. This is on a quote by quote basis rather than a fixed price, please call for details


Can you do MOTs?

Yes, absolutely!


What’s the point of using a mobile mechanic?

Our customers love the fact that they can have their car repaired whilst they are sat at their work desk or playing with the little ones in the warm. There is nothing worse than trying to get to and from the garage around your work hours or trying to wrestle with a toddler in a garage waiting room


Will I get a warranty on the work carried out?

Yes we offer a warranty on all work and parts, except where the parts have not been provided by us. 


Will I lose my new car warranty if I don’t use the main dealer for servicing?

No, a new law was passed in 2003 stating that your warranty will be unaffected…..have a read here 


Are you insured or even qualified?

Yes we are fully insured to work on your car as well as having public liability insurance and insured to drive your car. Luke is also registered with IMI (the Institute of the Motor Industry) so you can check his credentials and be assured that he is fully qualified


I’m still not sure….do you have any customer reviews?

It is understandable to be a bit nervous about using a new service which is why lots of people continue using a service they are unhappy with. We have lots of regular customers and you can read some of their reviews on the home page or find us on facebook


Can I supply my own parts for you to fit?

Yes and no, we will fit parts that have come from a reputable supplier, such as euro car parts if you can show a receipt but we will not be able to cover the work with a warranty as we are not covered by the suppliers warranty. unfortunately due to the increasing number of fake and often dangerous car parts sold on ebay we are unable to fit these at all.